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Supercharge your reading with our next-generation reading aid. Read without limits!
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Features - at a glance

Text-to-speech: Detects changes in the contents of your clipboard and reads it aloud to you. With support for 49 languages and 100+ voices, you can listen to your text in the language and voice of your choice.

Auto Dictionary: Reads aloud the definition of any word you copy. This feature is perfect for individuals who want to improve their vocabulary or who come across unfamiliar words while reading.

Image-to-text: When you copy an image, Clipboard TTS will automatically detect any text within the image, and convert it to speech.

Auto Translatation: Automatically detects the language of the copied text and translates it to the language of your selected voice. This feature is perfect for language learners or anyone who needs to read text in a language they're not fluent in.

Font Customization: Customizing font type, letter spacing, and size enhances readability and allows readers to personalize the text to their preferences. Previewing the changes provides a helpful representation, enabling users to fine-tune settings for optimal readability.

Highlighting: The current sentence and word being read aloud are visually emphasized with a colour of your choice, making it easy to follow along with the text. This feature is especially helpful for individuals with reading difficulties or those who need additional visual cues while reading.

Overlays: Improves the readability of the text by changing the background colour of the output box. This feature is especially useful for individuals with dyslexia who have difficulty reading text on a white background.

BoldCue: The first half of each word is made bold, providing clear visual cues that help your eyes quickly jump from one word to the next. This makes it possible to read quicker and with greater comprehension.

Substitutions: Customize the text before it's read aloud. You can use substitutions to replace certain words or characters with others, such as changing "e.g." to "for example" or removing a dot to prevent a pause in the audio. This feature allows you to customize your reading experience to meet your needs.

History: Clipboard TTS maintains a record of all copied text, enabling easy retrieval and replay. This feature allows users to access and listen to previously copied text, promoting convenience and efficiency.

AI Assist: An experimental feature that utilizes artificial intelligence to mutate and generate the copied text based on a custom prompt of your design. One example use-case is to generate a summary of a paragraph.

Custom Mutations Order: Many features mutate the output text, such as Auto-Translation, Substitutions, Auto-Dictionary, and AI Assist. When multiple features are active simultaneously, you have the flexibility to tailor the sequence in which they modify the copied text with our "Custom Mutations Order" feature.

Dyslexia-friendly features

Employ word and sentence highlighting, along with overlays, to improve readability and alleviate eye strain. Enhance accessibility by utilising the OpenDyslexic font for users with dyslexia.

Multilingual support and translation

Experience hassle-free translation with our multilingual support feature. Switch between languages seamlessly and enjoy natural-sounding voices for a smoother experience.

Listen at any speed, pitch, or volume

Listen to content at your own pace with the ability to adjust speed, pitch, and volume. Enjoy a personalized listening experience tailored to your preferences.

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